Top Israeli Officials Say Our Nation is Prepared If a Conflict with Iran Erupts


Israel IsraelOn Tuesday, Israeli armed forces chief Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi stated that the Israeli military was “accelerating the operational plans and status for managing Iran and the atomic military threats.”

In January, Kohavi declared he had directed the military to start drawing up new tactical plans for a strike on Iran’s atomic facilities, and last month the authority allotted billions toward making those plans fit.

In his Tuesday comments on the panel, Kohavi likewise told Knesset members that Israel confronts “numerous security challenges” on various fronts. 

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Israel doesn’t believe that Iran’s rehashed assertions that its atomic program is a peaceful one. Israel is assured that Iran is secretly working on a nuclear warhead and the necessary resources to convey it with a long-range ballistic missile. Last month Israeli FM Yair Lapid stated that “if terror groups gain an atomic weapon, we should definitely act.” 

Iran insists its atomic program is for peaceful purposes. Tehran is set to revive nuclear discussions with world leaders this month, after the 2015 accord to check its atomic program imploded following the United States withdrawal from the deal in 2018 under former President Donald Trump. 

To attempt to break this deadlock, negotiators from a few nations are meeting in Vienna. However, Israel doesn’t wholly accept that the atomic deal merits restoring its present form.

Unusual things have been going on adrift as of late in the region. Recently an Israeli-owned freight vessel, the “MV Helios”, was severely destroyed while travelling to Oman. Two enormous holes were ripped in its frame, and Israel immediately accused Iran’s IRGC. However, Iran denied any connection in the matter. 

Moreover, neither side can look frail, yet both Israel and Iran realize they need to carefully measure their actions, so no all-out war is triggered.

On Tuesday, Defense Minister Benny Gantz stated that Israel would perform military operations that “haven’t been seen earlier” if any regional conflict erupted.



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