TRSDC, Saudi Human Resource Fund collab to train 1,000 youth


Saudi arabia Saudi arabiaTo promote a vibrant tourism economy in the area, The Red Sea Development Co. and the Saudi Human Resources Development Fund have teamed up to train 1,000 nationals in various occupations.

Following closely on the heels of TRSDC’s first vocational training program, which awarded diplomas to 500 Saudis in a variety of fields including hospitality management, culinary arts, airport services, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and renewable energy, the partnership will focus on these same areas.

“Through this agreement, we will be establishing a significant pool of competent professionals with the skills and resources needed to develop a new and prosperous tourist business in the Kingdom,” stated TRSDC CEO John Pagano.

The second vocational training program aims to empower young Saudis by establishing economic and educational possibilities to help them reach their full potential, according to TRSDC Education Director Fadi Al-Aseri.

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Only 1,106 of the 31,435 applications received by the company were accepted. The candidates had to pass a psychometric evaluation and an English placement test as part of the hiring procedure.

According to Al-Aseri of Arab News, “more than 600 students are presently enrolled in academic programs at the diploma and bachelor levels in priority fields for the Kingdom like renewable energy and hospitality.”

Strategic partnerships

On the technical services front, TRSDC has partnered with Higher Institute for Water & Power Technologies in addition to the Saudi Human Development Fund. Additionally, it collaborated with Bunyan for Hospitality Training Co. to offer luxury and hospitality courses. In order to train students in airport services, the company also collaborates with King Abdulaziz University’s Faculty of Tourism and the Saudi Academy for Civil Aviation.

In accordance with a statement from the corporation, all 200 seats designated for the technical services track were occupied by men. In contrast, there were 53% women and 47% males among the 170 seats in the hospitality track. 130 seats on the airport track were occupied, with 31% women and 69% men.

Al-Aseri believes that TRSDC has established a foundation for education by following the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 design and created opportunities for professionals to excel in difficult professions. He continued by saying that more than 50% of the pupils enrolled are locals.

According to Al-Aseri, “localizing, keeping knowledge local, and promoting empowerment results in direct social and economic advantages for local communities.”

The business, which has ties to the Prince Mugrin University and the EHL Business School, also provides graduate students with scholarships to study international hotel management as well as career prospects after they graduate.

Al-Aseri continued, “TRSDC’s educational programs are created based on a strong needs analysis that pinpoints future project openings and requirements, as well as a market study.”

In order to achieve perfect alignment, the company collaborates with a number of internal and external partners, including top private and public educational institutions, governmental organizations and ministries, local business owners, and other sister giga projects, according to the executive.

World-class programs

The company’s partnership with KAUFT, aviation regulator SACA, and airport operator Daa International is a prime example. There, students are preparing for careers in hospitality and airport studies in order to meet the Red Sea Airport’s rising demand for qualified personnel. Al-Aseri declared that this initiative was the first of its type.

The program also assisted in funding the construction of a new hospitality school in Bunyan, a training facility at King Abdullah Economic City where aspiring hoteliers can learn the fundamentals of opulent hospitality. The training is delivered in a cutting-edge setting and is approved by the École hôtelière de Lausanne.

In partnership with ACWA Power, a key partner in the project’s sole use of renewable energy, the company’s association with HIWPT offers three unique technological paths.

According to Al-Aseri, “We think TRSDC’s vocational training students will act as catalysts in managing the ground-breaking luxury, regenerative tourism destination, putting Saudi Arabia on the map of the world’s tourism industry and assisting it in pursuing its ambitious plans to become a global leader.”

He added that the vocational training program at TRSDC continues to have an effect on everyone engaged, including the Vision 2030 and the Kingdom as a whole as well as students, staff, service providers, future visitors, and local communities.



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