Tunisia Government Criminalizes Relation With Israel


The Tunisia parliament has approved a draft law that criminalizes normalization of ties or relations with Israel. The Sovereign National Line, an alliance of the nationalist People’s Movement and the leftist United Democratic Patriots Party, presented this law two months ago in July.

It has now been sped up because of the Israel’s war in Gaza against Hamas. Hela Jaballah, the head of the Freedoms Committee in the Tunisian Parliament, said the draft law includes seven chapters, with penalties reaching life imprison sentence. She highlighted that normalization, communication in trade, commercial and cultural activities, services, military or intelligence with Israel will be punished.

Tunisia Israel Relations

President Kais Saied has brushed off any chance of establishment of diplomatic relations or ties with Israel. In August, he said the word normalization does not exist for him when it comes to Israel. Saied told the ambassadors of Iran, Serbia, Iraq and Turkey to never forget the Palestinian cause – the central issue for all nations.

He emphasized the importance of advocating for Jerusalem to be the capital of an independent Palestinian state, for a right to return to today’s Israel for Palestinian refugees, and for the Palestinian people to regain their rights over all of Palestine.

In 2022, Iraq passed a similar law criminalizing any normalization of relations with Israel. Baghdad has also implement a harsh penalty for violation of the law – punishable by death or life sentence.

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Tunisia Supports Palestine

Being a Muslim nation, Tunisia supports Palestine. Thousands of Tunisians have been protesting against Israeli strikes in Gaza and killing of Palestinians. They stand in solidarity with the right of Palestinians to free their land.

President Saied affirmed Tunisia’s total and unconditional solidarity with the Palestinian people and their right to recover their occupied lands. Moreover, Tunisia claims that for the first time in history the country is in absolute harmony between the will of the people and the head of the executive      authority.          

Meanwhile, Malaysia which has no diplomatic relations with Israel is urging Middle Eastern nations to cut ties with Israel and protests the Israeli regime’s bombardment of Gaza and oppression of Palestine.



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