Turkey Bullies Its Way Into Syria Through As Iran Frowns


Turkey TurkeyThe Iran-Turkey fight seems to be troubling Syria. All opposing Western factions are reigning havoc on and there is no stopping that. On the other side, Russia is blocking humanitarian aid to come into Syria, because of Turkey.

The UN has already issued a warning that a humanitarian crisis will ensue in north-western Syria unless vital supplies are allowed in via neighbouring Turkey. But Turkey is playing its tone trumpet, forcing Syria to continue having ‘any new military presence, while Iran is opposing the same, according to a statement made by Hossein Amirabdollahian.

Iranian foreign minister has spoken to the local media that he is on his way to Damascus and that his visit “was aimed at establishing peace and security in the region between Syria and Turkey.”

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Turkey has reasons to believe that the Syrian Kurdish militias, a key component of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces that fought and defeated ISIS in northern Syria, are an extension of the Kurdistan Workers Party that waged a decades-long insurgency in Turkey. It has been taking Sweden and Finland also to task over favoring and supporting the same in their territories.

Turkey has been trying to establish a 30-kilometre-wide buffer zone inside Syria. A similar operation in 2019 failed to achieve its objective; with the intend to overthrow Syrian Kurdish militia present there. But Iran has been opposing this on the pretext that Turkey is trying to destabilize the government’s efforts to establish peace in Syria.

Meanwhile, Syria doesn’t seem to be saying anything except watching Iran and Turkey fight over what doesn’t belong to any one of them. Just a little before Iranian FM’s arrival in Syria, there was an air strike in Syria’s coastal province of Tartus. It was done by Israel who like in the past, never took onus of the attack.



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