Ethiopia claims Somalia, Eritrea started deploying troops against it


Somalia and Eritrea have reportedly sent their troops to fight the approaching Tigray community in Ethiopia. They have been accused of helping the nation fight this battle against the community to once and for all end the violence.

The United Nations has intervened in the matter and asked what is the reason that the two nations have decided against the creation of an investigation team to know the complete matter so that the ongoing matter can have some solution rather than providing them with forces that spoil the matter further.

The two nations have recently joined hands with Russia and China in voting against the decision of investigating the Tigray conflict, which was not being understood by other neighboring nations as mostly every nation is in favor of knowing the details about the matter.

Earlier also, there were reports in the media that the two nations have been coming in support of the Ethiopian government backed forces despite not being totally aware of the whole matter. As per the United Nations, there is a need to form a team and probe the matter as it has already caused a lot of violence in the region.

Out of 47 members present to take a joint call, 15 members decided against the decision of proing the matter. Other 11 nations abstained from the decision of the UN backing international commission of Human Rights commision Experts in Ethiopia.

The troops were reportedly being trained in 2019 however, Mogadishu had denied all such reports saying that no such activities were taking place. Despite Ethiopia denying any involvement of Eritrean troops in the Ethiopian crisis, the United Kingdom and United States have stressed that they have been training and supplying troops.



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