UN Resolution 2720 Not Enough to Ease Pains of Palestinians: Iran


After 77 days of Israeli airstrikes and bombardment in Gaza and civilian death toll of more tha 20,000, the United States continues to veto the UNSC resolution on the besieged territory. The US abstained from Friday’s vote at the United Nations Security Council.

And this brought about the successful adoption of a resolution demanding immediate, safe and unhindered delivery of humanitarian assistance directly to the Palestinian civilians across the Gaza Strip. But this time around, there was no call for a ceasefire.

Iran welcomed the resolution 2720 but said it is not enough to ease the pains of Palestinians. Nasser Kanaani, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, described the resolution as positive, but an insufficient measure.

US Responsible for Palestinians Suffering

He highlighted the US’s failure. “It’s a great pity that after 77 days if lunatic attacks by the Zionist regime against the defenseless people of the Gaza Strip, the US government is still blocking the adoption of a binding UNSC resolution on the cessation of war and ending the Zionist regime’s war crimes and genocide committed in Gaza.”

Kanaani pointed out that it’s impossible to send humanitarian aid supplies to Gaza as the Israeli regime continues to bombard the enclave, commits the most unprecedented war crimes in the modern history, destroying over 60 percent of houses and municipal infrastructures in Gaza.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson said the US is held primarily accountable for the continuation of the Israeli regime’s barbaric strikes and war crimes against Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank.

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Israel Rebukes UN Again

Israel again called out the Security Council for failing to condemn Hamas attack on October 7 which killed 1,300 Israelis, and the militant group took 250 hostages. Brett Miller, Ambassador and Deputy Representative of Israel, said Israel is already facilitating hundreds of truckloads of aid into Gaza every day. He told the Security Council that Israel is also willing to able to exponentially increase the entry of aid trucks into the enclave.

“The only roadblock for aid entry is the UN’s ability to accept them. Enhancing UN monitoring or coordination of aid is not a cure all and that it cannot be done at the expense of Israel’s security inspections.”

Miller added that Israel has a right, and obligation to guarantee its security, He said Israel’s security inspection of aid will not change.



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