UNIFIL Gets An Extension To Maintain Peacekeeping Activities In Lebanon


Lebanon LebanonIt is good news for Lebanon as its request for the extension of Resolution 2650 towards the extension of the UNIFIL till 31 August 2023. Earlier on subjected to alterations and suggestions by France, it also had suggested omissions by Lebanon. But all the participating nations have asked for the resolution to be left as it is, without anything being altered in it.

The Security Council at this time has specified that the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon does not require prior authorization or permission from anyone to undertake its mandated tasks and that it is allowed to conduct its operations independently.

The key lies in helping UNIFIL to maintain its freedom of movement, including free access to conduct itself both when performing announced and unannounced patrols. This has been seen as everyone’s responsibility.

With this extension, one can feel sure that there will be peace and security well maintained on the southern borders. This also shows the commitment amongst the Western players who have voted for the extension.

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UNIFIL comprises more than 10,000 military peacekeepers from 48 countries and about 800 civilian staff. UN Security Council has asked that the local military and policing services cooperate and let UNIFIL do its work.

It also encouraged the Lebanese government to speed up the deployment of a model LAF regiment in the area of operations. This supports a long-term goal of the mission to eventually hand over all of its tasks and responsibilities to the Lebanese authorities.

Further, the Security Council requested the Lebanese Armed Forces and UN secretary-general set out precise benchmarks and timelines for the effective and durable deployment of Lebanese forces in the south of the country and in its territorial waters.



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