US considers removal of Iran Revolutionary Guards form list of terror groups


Iran IranThe United States is desperate for Iran’s assurance to be a part of the nuclear deal once again and for it, the Biden administration is even willing to remove Iran’s Revolutionary Guard from its foreign terrorist organization blacklist. Last week, a source confirmed that the US is waiting for Iran’s confirmation and the fact that despite a series of Vienna talks, the two sides have failed to come up with a common solution is hitting the pressure zones of the White House.

Washington is still wondering what are the commitments that Iran is seeking ahead of giving its final nod to the US for coming back to the 2015 nuclear deal and hence thinking of giving its condition to lure the Arab country to signing the agreement. However, the US is choosing to neglect the impacts of removing IRGC from the list on other neighboring countries, especially Israel. Iranian guards pose a huge threat to Israel and if it is removed from the list, it may even threaten regional security and peace.

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The Middle East is gaining momentum in efforts to bring in peace and a conflict free zone but if the US takes this decision, it will again be a dreadful situation for the countries. The IRGC has been under US sanctions since 2007. It was made a part of the US Specially Designated Global Terrorist list and 10 years later, it became the first national military to be designated as as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. The military organization was responsible for killing hundreds of people in cross border gifts especially with Iraq. It will create an atmosphere of constant fear in the region as Iran will stop at nothing to prove its dominance in the region, experts and analysts say.

This also will counter the American interest which is primarily dominated by capital. By removal of IRGC from the list, America will lose investors who will now divert towards the Gulf region. It will also prove to be an economic downfall for the western nation. If America chooses to go ahead with this decision, it will be risking several other things in order to attain Iran’s confidence for coming back to the deal.



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