Jordan Shows Eager Participation In Palestinian Peace Efforts


jordan JordanJordan has reached out to help Palestine for the first time since 2017. This was marked by the visit of the King of Jordan to Palestinian counterpart recently. The meeting is significant as the King has stepped out of Jordan and met the Palestinian President in Ramallah for the first time since 2017.

As a sign of wishing to garner a larger role in the Middle East, the Jordanian king has already met with leaders in Iraq, Egypt and the UAE. Since the presidency of Joe Biden, it is becoming evident that Jordan is looking at a wider role in the scheme of things in the Middle East. It has also been seen as mediating peace talks with the Iran backed Houthis at a recent conference of world leaders.

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The recent Palestinian visit is also a part of continued discussions with Mr. Abbas “to confront all the challenges regarding many issues of concern” to the two men, said the official Palestinian news agency. Mr Abbas has a de facto second headquarters in Jordan, where he regularly meets Arab and western officials. Jordanian state television said on Monday that Jordan was making efforts to support Palestinians by “finding a political horizon to meet all their legitimate rights on the basis of a two-state solution”.

A large proportion of Jordan’s 10 million people are of Palestinian origin. Jordanian officials have been increasingly critical of Israel’s actions against the Palestinians, which they said could eventually prompt another migration of Palestinians to Jordan after two refugee waves in 1948 and 1968. In the last couple of weeks, Jordan has also shown eagerness to come to the rescue of Palestinian refugees that have been staying in Jordan. It has now brokered the right to return and compensation for more than 2 million such refugees.



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