Why Boris Johnson Is Happy Doing Business With Joe Biden?


The immature leadership of Trump is being undone by sensible steps taken under Joe Biden’s leadership. The latest in the moves has been retracting heavy tariffs levied on the United Kingdom. The intent is to resolve a dispute on transatlantic aerospace subsidies.

The tariff suspension is temporary and will stretch for a period of four months. A trade war over aerospace has stretched over two decades between the European Union and America. With Britain having shifted itself out of the European Union, its stance and chemistry with other nations stands to change.

In the last 16 years, there has been a tussle over aircraft subsidies between America and the European Union. Trump made things sourer than ever when he slapped the European Union in 2019, with hefty tariffs on European goods worth $7.5 billion, just to show his support for Airbus. The UK, along with other stakeholders in Airbus-Spain, France and Germany- was targeted with additional tariffs. In response, the European bloc levied additional customs duties on American products.

Biden administration has dropped these daggers for a time being and Boris Johnson is all praises for the step towards reconciliation. In his latest tweet, he commented, “From Scotch whisky distillers to Stilton-makers, the US decision to suspend tariffs on some UK exports will benefit businesses right across the UK.” Since, its exit from the EU, London has been stepping up efforts to reach a wide range of trade deal with Washington.

Biden administration has been showing signs of peaceful ways to set records straight and create an atmosphere of growth across its trade partnerships. Biden diplomacy isn’t like Trumps; its more strategic, value creating and peaceful in nature.



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