Top 10 Netflix Hacks for 2022


Netflix is a must-have for every movie buff’s streaming service collection, but did you know there are a slew of easy methods to improve your Netflix experience? The top 10 Netflix hacks are discussed in this article.

Since 2007, it has made movie night a breeze. For film buffs and casual watchers alike, its user-friendly interface, low cost, and plethora of fantastic content has been a game changer. If you have a Netflix subscription, there are a few tips and tactics you can use to get the most out of it. These are known as Netflix hacks.

Unblock Geoblocked Content with a VPN

You may access geoblocked content from anywhere over the world by utilizing a VPN. The content in Netflix libraries varies each country due to copyright constraints. For example, if you’ve been binge-watching Outlander season 5 in Canada and then travel to the United States, season 5 will be inaccessible on Netflix in the United States.

By connecting to a VPN server in that nation, you can access Netflix content that is only available in that country. For example, if you’re in the United States and want to watch Season 5 of Outlander on Netflix, simply connect to a Canadian server first. In our changing Netflix region guide, you can learn more about how to achieve this.

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Unlock the Netflix Secret Menu

Despite the fact that Netflix’s collection is already quite large, with a little knowledge, you can access hidden categories. You can use a variety of Netflix codes to access content from various categories – for more information, see our Netflix hidden codes post.

For example, if you wanted to watch action comedy movies on Netflix, you’d type and then add the code at the end. This is how it would look:

Stream in HD

Standard and Premium Netflix subscriptions both allow you to view in HD, with Premium subscribers also having the option to watch in Ultra HD. Go to playback settings by clicking “account,” selecting a profile, and then browsing to “playback settings” to ensure you’re streaming in the greatest video quality available. If your subscription allows it, you can change the quality to “HD” or “Ultra HD” here.

Use the Search Bar Wisely

You can do more with the search bar than just look for shows and movies. If you can’t recall the name of a film, try searching for a keyword linked to the film, such as the genre or an actor’s name.

If you’re not sure what you want to see but have a general notion, type “Academy Award-Winning” into the search box to see what’s available.

Boot Spongers off Your Account

If you’ve previously shared your Netflix account with old pals or exes, they may still be reaping the perks while you foot the bill. Fortunately, there is a way to permanently remove them from your account.

Change your Netflix password by going to your account and scrolling down to “sign out of all devices.”

Delete Your Viewing History

You can erase episodes and movies from your Netflix viewing history if you don’t want people to know what you’re watching. Go to your account and select “viewing activities” from your profile. Simply click the “hide” icon to the right to eliminate something.

Binge Watch from a Distance

Using a Chrome extension to watch Netflix with extra features is a terrific way to experience the service. For example, the Teleparty (previously Netflix Party Chrome plugin) allows you to watch TV series and movies with people who aren’t physically present. Anyone who wants to participate in a Teleparty must have their own Netflix account.

It even has a handy chat tool for group conversations or for the feared “movie talker” in your group to engage in while the rest of the group sits in silence.

Install IMDb Ratings for Netflix

IMDb Ratings for Netflix is another useful Chrome extension that displays the Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, and IMDb ratings for the movie you’re contemplating. This eliminates the need to open a new tab or window to look for ratings for individual movies or episodes.

Take Control of Your Data Usage

Watching Netflix on your phone might eat up a lot of data. Go to your phone’s cellular settings to make sure you’re not wasting all of your data. Toggle “WLAN” on in your phone’s apps by scrolling down and finding Netflix.

This will ensure that the app only streams while you’re connected to WiFi, allowing you to save data. Toggle “WLAN & Cellular Data” on if you don’t have WiFi and need to use your cellular data.

Use the Offline Playback Feature

If you’re flying and don’t want to miss out on anything, you can download movies or TV series to watch later. You’ll need to download the Netflix app to your device in order to do so. If a film or television show is available for download, a download icon (a downward-facing arrow) will appear on the title’s description page. There are some titles that cannot be downloaded.



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