Yemen Military Condemns Houthis Attacks on Ships


The Yemen military has called out Houthis for targeting commercial ships in the Red Sea, prompting foreign fleets to seek safety in the region. Brigadier Sadiq Dowied, spokesman of Yemen’s National Resistance Forces, condemned Houthis attacks.

He said the Houthi attacks were a waste of Yemen’s sovereignty over its waters. It’s causing chaos and calling for more international forces and fleets in the region. Dowied said Houthi attacks do not serve the Palestinian cause and undermine the sympathy of international public opinion with the civilians in Gaza.

This week, Houthis in Yemen targeted two commercial ships – the Panamanian-flagged bulk carriers Number 9 and Sophie II – with missiles. Yahya Saree, Houthi military spokesman, said the militant group took responsibility of two of the attacks. “The Yemeni armed forces renew their warning to all Israeli ships or those associated with Israelis that they will become a legitimate target if Israel does not stop its attack on the Gaza Strip.”

Houthis Attacks Boosts Support for Israel

Nabil al-Soufi, a regional analyst, believes Houthi attacks on international trade in Bab al-Mandab will increase international support for Israel. He highlighted that the recent attacks reflect Yemen as a loose area for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC).

Soufi said there’s no other group like the Houthis, who have committed international violations, struck international trade institutions. The ships, which Houthis target, belong to multinational companies and are managed by stock exchanges, insurance and transportation companies.

Ibrahim Jalal, a researcher, warned that repeated Houthi attacks and targeting of international shipping lines will only increase insurance costs and result in a price hike. He said this will also bring about military presence in the region, especially in the Gulf of Aden.

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US Rebukes Iran for Leading Houthis

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said the US is in talks with allies on appropriate action in response to the Houthis attacks. “We have made clear that the entire world needs to step up together, not the US alone but all of us working together to deal with this emerging challenge that the Houthis present, backed by Iran. We’re going to take appropriate action in consultation with others and we will do so at a time and place of our choosing.”

However, Iran has rejected any involvement in any actions or attacks against US military forces. But Sullivan said the attacks were fully enabled by Iran, the Houthis patron. “They’re the ones with the fingers on the trigger. That gun, the weapons here, are being supplied by Iran, and Iran we believe is the ultimate party responsible for this.”



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