Are Israel and the United States planning to attack Iran?


Iran and Israel have a long history of animosity. Not only the two sides in the conflict, but the United States is the third largest ally in Israel. During Donald Trump’s presidency, Iran came under increasing pressure. He has imposed numerous arms and financial sanctions. UShave assassinated key figures in Iranian politics, such as General Qasem Sulaimani who was killed in an airstrike this year.

The assassination of Qasem Soleimani,has exploded the brain of Iranian Revolutionary Guards and all other Shiite leaders and raised their hostility to the United States and vowed to retaliate against the United States and its allies. Meanwhile, Israel is embroiled in a bitter rivalry over the war in Syria with Iran. Israel has vowed to attack Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, including sensitive areas of Iran’s nuclear weapons industry.

Israel had hoped that president G.W. Bush would get rid of Iran’s nuclear facilities before he leave the office, but when Obama was elected it emerged that the nuclear power of the Iranian regime was growing which worried Israel. In contrast to the recent Donald Trump administration, it has emerged that it will order US military action against Iran or allows Israel to attack Iranian regime.

There have been previous plans by Israel to deliberately attack Iran’s key allies in the Middle East, as part of its new strategy of repressing its long-time enemy. But the Islamic Republic warns of the dire consequences of retaliation. The plans come as part of a strategy for re-organizing the five-year Israeli military called “Momentum”, which aims to prevent those who opposed throughout the region, particularly Iran.

Signs of Trump’s intention to launch a military strike on Iran include the firing of Secretary of Defense Mark Esper last week and changes to other top Pentagon officials. According to reports, Trump wanted Esper to step down; so that he could easily engage in controversial military activity may be against Iran.

Meanwhile there is a direct link between the US and Israel, especially when it comes to the Iranian issue. Elliott Abrams, Iran’s top envoy, was in Israel this week for talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will be here next week for three days to continue those talks.

All of this looks like a repeat of what happened in 2008 as well as in 2012 when Israel also seemed to be on the edge of an attack on Iran. That said Netanyahu really wanted to attack in 2012, he ultimately failed to get support from the cabinet. Keep in mind that Israel’s attack on Iran is so complex that it is always seen by the IDF as the last choice. And there are signs that a possible war, such as strengthening the North’s military activities or preparing for an attack on the Iranian regime.



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