Donald Trump’s shocking abandonment of leadership comes as coronavirus surges in the US


During the election campaign President Donald Trump guaranteed that the “phony news media” decided to zero in on Covid-19 to harm his campaign, predicting that once November 4 showed up, Americans would not hear about the virus any longer, however, in a week since that date, hospitalizations and surge in cases have spiked to heights, breaking all records. The covid-19 has so far killed more than 240,000 individuals in the United States. 

Trump at a campaign rally in Lumberton, North Carolina, on October 24th, told his supporters that all he hears is about Covid, Covid, and Covid, 500 individuals dead, they don’t discuss it, whenever he turns on the television “however, on November 4, you won’t hear about it any longer, he stated.

Trump is criticized that rather taking responsibility about the nation diving further into the worst crisis situation since World War II, he has vanished inside the White House, saying nothing on camera since he unjustifiably guaranteed seven days back that the election was being taken from him by President-elect Joe Biden. 

In August, talking at Republican National Convention, Trump stated that Democrats were forcing limitations to harm the economy. He presumed that these left-inclining states would reopen after the election got over. 

As per critics, Donald Trump has been observed doing the opposite of what the health experts’ advised him. In May, Trump failed to wear a face mask while he visited the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, paying little heed to prerequisites that all medical professionals, patients, and visitors must wear one. 

The President continues to present a positive perspective on the country’s capacity to recover from the SARS-Cov 2 disease. He is persistently endeavoring to reopen states from lockdown and has been pressing on restoring the economy regardless of the encountering surge in Covid cases. 

However, handling the Coronavirus pandemic and its aftermath on the economy, Trump couldn’t deal with the situation and kept encouraging the nation with repeated confirmation that the virus would go soon. Since the election has completed, Trump appears to care less about the virus even more.

However, the Covid situation is more serious than it was in the underlying spikes of Covid-19 in the spring in the Northeast and the Sun Belt in the late spring. The graph of the disease is rising vertically and the infection is seething cross country.

On the contrary, President-elect Joe Biden has confirmed that his attitude towards the Covid-19 will be better than Trump. In comparison to Trump, always Biden is seen wearing a face mask on every public event.

On Monday, he named a 12-member advisory committee of researchers to improve the US effort to counter the pandemic, which has been on the top regarding the tally of coronavirus cases in the world.



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