Armenia-Azerbaijan, new clashes on the border


Azerbaijan and Armenia accepted the Russian-mediated ceasefire, which ended the early morning clashes on the border between the two Caucasian countries that resulted in the death of three of its Armenian soldiers and the wounding of two soldiers Azerbaijani Armed Forces. According to the Armenian Ministry of Defense, initially, the Azerbaijani army violated the ceasefire in the north-eastern area of ​​the border with Armenia in the early morning hours.

 The clashes continued until this morning, in what the Yerevan authorities have defined as “localized battles” between the armies of the two Caucasian countries, in particular near the Armenian municipalities of Sotk and Verin Shorza. “In response to Azerbaijan’s use of force against our territorial integrity, Armenia will apply all politico-military instruments following international law. We strongly condemn Azerbaijani military actions directed against regional peace and security. The whole responsibility for the further escalation of the situation rests with the political-military leadership of Azerbaijan.”

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense, on the other hand, said that the decision to open fire would be taken in retaliation. The Baku military targeted the Armenian positions after they allegedly committed provocations in the border section of Kalbajar, the area bordering Verin Shorza and Sotk, the Armenian municipalities located near the lake Sevan.

According to the Baku dicastery, the units of the Armenian forces from the combat positions located in the territory of the Basarkechar region, using small arms and grenade launchers, again targeted the Azerbaijani military deployed in Kalbajar. Meanwhile, the Baku Foreign Ministry issued a note asking Armenia to accept the new realities in the region, ending military provocations and starting negotiations on border demarcation. Azerbaijan reads a message from the Foreign Ministry, reserves the right to defend its territorial integrity, and will react decisively to any measures taken against this legitimate right.

The border near Lake Sevan (located in Armenian territory) since 12 May has become the area of ​​most significant tension between Armenia and Azerbaijan after the armed conflict last autumn. To aggravate the situation, the sending Azerbaijani soldiers who have launched operations aimed at “demarcating the borders” near the Armenian province of Syunik.

The Yerevan authorities condemned this action as a territorial violation of the Armenian borders. On the Azerbaijani side, it was noted that there would be no violation but simple territorial demarcation activities. As a result, the Armenian authorities have come to call for the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). However, this Russian-led military alliance has limited itself to calling consultations on the issue. From 12 May, therefore, the situation in the area remains on permanent alert. Both sides announced the capture of soldiers accused of having trespassed in the following days.



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