Tunisia, the Emir of Qatar calls Kais Saied to save Rachid Ghannouchi from justice


Resigning the government and freezing Parliament is comparable to a surgical operation but necessary for Tunisia. Getting rid of the Islamists, who for years had emptied the coffers of the state, was no longer postponable like suturing a haemorrhage. So, the whole country joins with the President of the Republic, Kais Saied, and asks to prosecute and bring to justice the Islamists who have received funding from abroad, particularly from Turkey and Qatar.

After a meeting with the army and security forces yesterday afternoon in Carthage, Kais Saied received a phone call from the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, who asked the Tunisian President not to prosecute Ghannouchi and deport him to Qatar.

Rachid Ghannouchi, head of the local Muslim Brotherhood party based in Qatar and former ISIS militant, was the head of the Tunisian Parliament for years without ever being elected. Yesterday, Ghannouchi publicly asked for forgiveness, but the people clamoured not to dialogue with the Islamists and arrest him for high treason towards the country. It is thanks to him and his gang that Tunisia is sinking like the Titanic.

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The young Republic recorded over 200 deaths a day from Covid-19, a terrible figure in a country with fewer than 12 million inhabitants. Real unemployment exceeds 45 percent. Public wages are frozen due to a lack of funds. The corruption of Ghannouchi’s MPs has reached unbearable levels. And despite the checks, some deputies managed to escape from the grip of justice.

In the phone call with the Tunisian President on Wednesday, the Emir of Qatar (head of the international Muslim Brotherhood) tried to save his Tunisian puppet, offering political asylum to Rachid Ghannouchi. So that he can avoid answering before a court on details of Daesh fighters’ recruitment in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, for example. As well as on the arms trafficking that the Brotherhood sent to Libya at the request of Doha. The Emir of Qatar fears that Ghannouchi could reveal the terrorist network financed by the al-Thani family, how he already did in the 80s with Ben Ali to save himself.

During the phone call, Tamim Bin Hamad al-Thani also offered President Kais Saied a guarantee to stop Islamist propaganda against Tunisia in exchange for the reopening of the Tunisian headquarters of Al-Jazeera. The canal had been searched and closed by the army after evidence emerged of a prepaid speech from Doha for President Mechichi, which aimed to throw the country into chaos, inciting violence. The most significant concern is that Ennahdha could use large deposits of weapons and explosives to carry out attacks and attacks against the army and the police, aligned with President Kais Saied and the Tunisian people.

The Tunisians responded with a sharp no. The Tunisian people are tired of Doha’s interference in their internal affairs. So, they are demanding papers on the underworld run by the head of Ennahda in collaboration with Qatar be revealed. The Tunisians are also demanding that the funds illegally stolen by the Islamist parties be immediately returned to the state, including Ghannouchi’s properties in Turkey and Qatar.



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