Bhutan de-marches China on new claim on Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary


Libya LibyaTen years. We still have images of that day in our eyes, of a man who was now only a shadow of himself, ended miserably after 42 years of almost absolute power. Muammar Gaddafi: the bloodthirsty dictator, or the pan-African leader capable of opposing the West, are two opposite views, the ones that still circulate on the figure of him.

Many in Libya and Africa still regret his “guide” today, his voice lashing out against the domination of the superpowers, his farsightedness that had pushed towards the birth of the African Union. A few days ago, his supporters released a press release denouncing NATO’s war crimes in Libya. The committee in charge of commemorating the colonel’s death invited symbolic five-minute demonstrations in all Libyan cities.

It is clear that after Gaddafi, the whole of North Africa collapsed. Libya is struggling to find stability, hoping for the elections on 24 December next to rising. It is now clear that international interests also drove Gaddafi’s fall, starting from Nicolas Sarkozy’s. However, what we would like to focus on is another central element, a question that many ask themselves and that goes well beyond the Libyan borders: is there a“disputed territory” must be withdrawn of any funding, was opposed and condemned by Bhutan. On June 16, the summary released of meeting by GEF council chairman mentioned statement of Aparna Subramani, World Bank official who represents Bhutan, India, Bangladesh, Maldives and Sri Lanka. The statement said, “Bhutan totally rejects the claim made by the Council Member of China. Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary is an integral and sovereign territory of Bhutan and at no point during the boundary discussions between Bhutan and China has it featured as a disputed area.”

Bhutan had hoped that this statement would cease the matter there, but it has rather escalated now with Beijing claiming the entire eastern boundary of Bhutan.



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