Biden, Netanyahu Discuss Tense Situation In Rafah, Gaza On Phone Call

Biden, Netanyahu Discuss Tense Situation In Rafah

In a recent phone call, U.S. President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed the tense situation in Rafah, Gaza. 

This 45-minute call, mainly about the hostages’ release, came amidst increasing tensions and was crucial for the hostage negotiations. 

Biden emphasized the need for a solid plan to ensure civilian safety in Israel’s planned operation in Rafah.

Previously, Biden had criticized Israel’s actions in Gaza as excessive. Responding, Netanyahu expressed appreciation for Biden’s support but seemed unclear about Biden’s remarks. 

The U.S. had stated its unwillingness to support an Israeli military operation in Rafah without serious planning, considering the risks involved.

In an interview, Netanyahu defended the necessity of the operation in Rafah. His office instructed the army to prepare a dual plan, including evacuating around 1.3 million people in Rafah. 

This plan faced condemnation from some Arab countries, which urged the UN Security Council to intervene.

Early Monday, Israeli strikes targeted Rafah, particularly the Shaboura district. The Israeli military claimed these strikes were aimed at “terror targets,” but there was no immediate information on casualties or damage.

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The call between Biden and Netanyahu also covered the potential ceasefire agreement

A senior U.S. official indicated that a framework for a deal, involving the release of hostages in exchange for halting the fighting, is nearly complete. However, gaps in the negotiation remain.

Egyptian officials warned of suspending their peace treaty with Israel if troops entered Rafah, fearing it might push Palestinians into the Sinai Peninsula. 

This potential move by Israel could exacerbate the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, where a large portion of the population has already been displaced.

The EU foreign policy chief and Human Rights Watch have expressed concerns over the humanitarian impact of an Israeli offensive in Rafah. 

The Camp David Accords, a critical peace agreement between Israel and Egypt, could also be at stake. 

The situation in Rafah remains tense, with many civilians, including displaced families, uncertain of their safety and future.



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