Biden Uses More Diplomacy Than Force To Support Taiwan


America might have had different agendas in mind, as it continued to show support towards the sovereignty towards Taiwan, but China is acting like the spoilt child which will not give up, until it has had what it wants.China is now declaring a threat to go on war if the US does not move away from showing its support to Taiwan. Even while the world was struggling to come in terms with the deadly strike of the pandemic, China has been eyeing the smaller island countries around it.

As China intensified its military activities near Taiwanese air and water bodies, it is sending clear signals of threatening the latter’s independence. Under the new White House leadership President Joe Biden has expressed his open commitment for Taiwan’s sovereignty.For years together, China has seen democratic Taiwan as a breakaway province, but Taiwan sees itself as a sovereign state. Beijing never came in terms of the breakaway since 1949, and since then has been trying to undermine Taiwanese international trade and growth movement.Ironically, Taiwan is recongised a great deal for its international trade and commerce.

However, Taiwan is officially recognised by only a handful of nations.Under Trump’s leadership, actions taken were to needle China. This did leave a fissure for confrontation. But Biden has not such intentions. In fact, he would like to undo the damage done by his predecessor. In September 2020, the US had sent off one of its own to reassure Taipei over their cooperation if China was to act any smarter than it already had.

In the visit, the US official had tried to shore up defense capabilities to help Taiwan respond back to China’s growing bullish tendencies to expand its reach in the South China Sea. Using the visit as an excuse, China’s defence ministry spokesman Ren Guoqiang had then accused the US and Taiwan of ‘stepping up collusion, frequently causing disturbances,’ although he did not make any reference to the visit.



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