From China To Japan: These Countries Have Never Been Colonized By Any European Power

Countries never colonized

Colonization means the process of setting up a colony away from one’s place of origin. The colonization of the world began by Europeans at the end of the 15th century. Today, we present you with a list of some countries that have never been colonized by any European Power.

These countries have never been colonized by any European power


Thailand was never colonized by a European country. The King of Thailand, Chulalongkorn, adopted several European customs and learned about European technology to prevent Colonization. Thailand escaped colonialism, but it still adopted western culture.


The Chinese empire was not easy to conquer by the European powers. During the European powers’ attempt to control the world, China had a powerful army and government. China’s large size area also became an advantage as it was hard for the European power to conquer the whole area.

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Protected by the United States, Liberia was never forcibly colonized. However, the country began as a colony. It was founded in 1822 by the American Colonization Society.


Tonga is the only Pacific nation that has never been colonized. The Tongan monarchy has always been in place. Tonga resisted European Colonization. In 1900, Tonga became a British protected state but was not formally colonized. In 1970, Tonga became fully independent within the British Commonwealth.


Bhutan was never colonized by a European country. Bhutan faced invasion by the British East India Company but managed to retain its sovereignty. In 1910, King Ugyen and the British Empire signed the Treaty of Punakha, where the British promised they would not interfere in the internal affairs of Bhutan.


Japan was never colonized by a European power. Japan initiated the political revolution called the Meiji Restoration of 1868 to restore practical imperial rule. This social and political reform prepared the country to resist European colonization.

These are the list of some countries that have never been colonized by any European power. Share your views about colonization in the comment section below.



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