Crown prince visit Jordan to promote Arab unity and economic cooperation


Jordan JordanAccording to former Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister Mamdouh Al-Abadi, the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s visit to Jordan will strengthen the economic and political ties that are essential to Arab unity and are especially significant in advance of the regional meeting with US President Joe Biden.

According to him, the Jeddah summit with US President Biden will be followed by meetings with world leaders. “This is the first round of visits by Prince Mohammed bin Salman,” he said to Arab News.

Al-Abadi made his comments while the crown prince was on a foreign trip. Tuesday night, Prince Mohammed arrived in Amman following a trip to Egypt and before continuing on to Turkey. Prior to the meeting between regional Arab leaders and Biden in Jeddah, the tour’s objective is to coordinate regional issues.

Al-Abadi was the deputy prime minister in the Hani Mulki administration and is credited with implementing significant reforms in Jordan. Al-Abadi was one of the most well-liked and effective members of parliament as well as the mayor of Amman. He appreciates the importance of face-to-face meetings because he has experience in politics.

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“Leaders have a more direct opportunity to agree on priorities of shared interest when they meet face to face without filters and others interfering,” he said. According to Al-Abadi, Jordan’s current top concern is economic matters. Political problems often play a lesser role in our dealings with Gulf nations, he noted, with an emphasis on economic cooperation.

Al-Abadi said that infrastructure initiatives like railroads urgently need help. “Transportation is a major issue anywhere in the globe, but in Jordan, our issue is that the population… has expanded rapidly due to the Syrian situation.” Only 6.5 million of the 10 million people living there are Jordanians, he claimed.

Al-Abadi remarked, “The increase happened at a much faster speed than we were able to handle. “During the Ottoman era, we had a successful train system. Today, we need to revisit this crucial mode of transportation for regional and local collaboration as well as the ability to move people and goods quickly.”

Politically, Al-Abadi foresaw that the current round of negotiations would not prioritise resolving the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. Al-Abadi describes himself as a pan-Arabist and adds that the Palestinian question unites all Arabs. “Palestine is the key for me. Everyone who supports Palestine has my support.

“Whether they will agree to have Israel be part of the coalition against Iran, or whether the emphasis will be solely on helping US President Biden in his domestic problems, especially the need to increase oil production in order to stem the results of the rise in gasoline prices in the United States,” says Al-Abadi, is unclear.

Al-Abadi was open and honest with Arab News regarding Jordan’s advantages and disadvantages. We need assistance to achieve a similar level of achievement in our internal challenges, particularly in terms of our economy, despite the fact that our balanced foreign policy is effective and efficient.

Abadi stated that “we buy less than 10% from each other” in reference to inter-Arab trade. We should all be purchasing more goods from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine. A unified market is required. Why can Europe, which has experienced multiple wars and has many different languages and cultures, have a common market when we only speak about creating one?

Jordan is now putting new modernising reforms into effect. Al-Abadi worries that “no constraints will be imposed on the options that the elected government will decide on” as the nation begins implementing the Royal Commission for Political Modernization’s recommendations, which will see the nation controlled by an elected parties-based government.



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