Egypt Puts Best Foot Forward Before Biden Visit To Saudi Arabia In July


Egypt EgyptEgypt is making sure its interests are taken into consideration by the Kingdom, when Mr. Joe Biden visits the Arab countries in his forthcoming trip in July. A thought going around is that indeed Saudi Arabia is a country that the US cannot afford to ignore; and this is one reason that the recent visit that happens for the first time since Biden took office, is going to conclude with a summit to be attended at the Kingdom itself.

Political analysts have said that Biden has a pressing need to meet the most prominent leaders of the (Arab) region in one country (Saudi Arabia), and this is something that has not happened before. Most Middle East nations are therefore gravitating towards Saudi Arabia for help and a voice to be heard.

Egypt has been meeting with leaders systematically and working towards building its relations. However, like in the past, this time too, Sisi and the kings of Jordan and Bahrain, and then Prince Mohammed’s visit to Cairo, came to materialize a common Arab vision prior to Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia.

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Speaking to the media over his recent visit to Saudi Arabia, in preparation of Biden’s arrival, he has said that his country is looking forward to “strengthening constructive cooperation with Egypt, Bahrain and Jordan, in such a way to achieve the common interests of the people and enhance joint Arab action efforts, especially in light of the major challenges resulting from regional and international development,” in reference to the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The common vision as of now centers around food security, rising prices and energy costs that has been exasperated due to the Russia-Ukraine war. Biden will also pay a visit to West Bank to ascertain the state of the Palestinian crises and the overall milieu of the Middle Eastern regions.

Whether the visit would mean a return of American leadership to the Middle Eastern region or visa versa is something that is becoming evident as the Arab nations consolidate their thoughts and common interests and bring their powers together.



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