EXCLUSIVE: President Kais Saied, “poor Tunisians are thrown into sea, while on land crocodiles shed false tears”

The President of the Republic of Tunisia, Qais Saied, during a meeting with the Governor of the Central Bank, Marwan Abbasi, at the Palace of Carthage, said he respected the law expressing the general will of the people, not alliances and palace games for pursuing personal interests. The head of State referred to the issue of trafficking networks that regulate irregular immigration, saying that “the poor are thrown into the sea, while on land, there are crocodiles that shed false tears after having devoured the prey.” On the other hand, the President of the Tunisian Republic has pledged to protect rights and freedoms, underlining that there is no room to attack them, with a law based on justice and freedom.

The words of President Kais Saied come after the threats of the President of Parliament and head of Ennhadha, Rachid Ghannouchi, to send 500,000 migrants to Europe through Italy. On Sunday afternoon, the head of State and the new Minister of the Interior, Reza Gharsalaoui, visited central Avenue Bourguiba. Kais Saied urged the Minister to take all necessary measures against illegal immigration networks, stating that “in Tunisia, the misery of the citizens lurks and trades.”

Journalist Sophiane Ben Farhat exclusively told us: “Friday 30 July 2021, Rashid Ghannouchi gave a lengthy interview to Corriere Della Sera, affirming he was ready to send 500,000 Tunisians with boats to Italy. It is the register of fear”. The Tunisian journalist stresses that “Ghannouchi clearly stated that Algeria would be destabilized, Libya, France, Italy, the whole Mediterranean basin, and Europe will be destabilized. There will be 500,000 migrants on the Italian coasts.”

Ben Farhat highlights that Ghannouchi doesn’t respect “the voice of the people” – vox populi, vox Dei -even if the voice of the people is sacred. He goes on recalling that “with the constitutional decisions that the President of the Republic has taken, the head of Parliament no longer has decisions. No more coverage, no longer has Parliamentary immunity”.

Ben Farhat ask “why does justice not convene him and ask him questions: is it an appeal to criminals? Or a call to death? Or a step into the open? When he says terrorism will hit you, is he the one who has a button to activate this?”. He believes that “Rachid Ghannouchi does not belong to all Tunisians, to the institutions. He belongs only to the brotherhood, the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Ben Farhat added that for Ghannouchi, the brotherhood comes before the homeland: “there are people, including former president Beiji Caid Essebsi who said: ‘the homeland before the party’. Instead, Ghannouchi says ‘terrorism before everything’. Either the dictatorship of the Muslim Brotherhood or Europe will be destabilized. It’s just the register of fear.”



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