Hajj Ministry announces flights for pilgrims from UK, Europe & US


Saudi arabia Saudi arabiaFor pilgrims traveling from the UK, the US, and Europe, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced on Wednesday that it would arrange alternate flights and add more seats.

As part of the efforts, visas would also be “quickly granted to the pilgrims entering the Kingdom in coordination with the relevant authorities.” People had a number of problems, including a lack of access to the few available airplane tickets, while applying for the hajj through a new internet platform called Motawif.

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According to the official spokesperson and deputy minister of Hajj & Umrah Services, Hesham A. Saeed, the technological problems encountered by some pilgrims with the new Motawif web platform are “solvable and being dealt with.” He continued, “Now that everyone has chosen a program, I am assuring you that it is solved. They have the ticket, and everything is done now.”

“They still have time because the Hajj season has ten more days to begin, and we are currently working to find solutions to all of their problems,” continued Saeed. “Inshallah, everything is now moving very well and smoothly.”



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