Iran executes man in ‘medieval’ public execution: Report


The authorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran hanged a man on Thursday in front of the public on the charges of “corruption on earth” and “prostitution,” according to the human rights group.

The man, identified as Amir Mahdi, was hanged in Maragheh, a city in the Central District of Maragheh County, East Azerbaijan province, Iran. According to Norway-based Iran Human Rights (IHR), the man was found guilty of having illicit relationships with women and girls.

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Mahmoud Nemati, the public and revolutionary prosecutor of the city of Maragheh, announced the execution of the man on Thursday.

An image posted by the human rights group showed a blindfolded man in the city. He was standing next to two executioners on May 25. Many people gathered to see the public execution.

Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the director of Iran Human Rights (IHR), wrote on Twitter, “Today Islamic Republic authorities hanged a man publicly and showed footage of the hanging on its media! This brutal act of terrorizing Iranian people must be strongly condemned!” He also said in a statement, “The world community should not adopt such medieval practices in 2023.”

According to IHR, 278 people have been executed in Iran in the first five months of 2023. Earlier this month, Iran executed 7 men in prisons on drugs and rape charges. Three men were executed at Ghezel Hesar Prison, while four men were executed at Rajai Shahr Prison.

The recent rise in execution in Iran has prompted condemnation at home and abroad. The United Nations and the United States have shown concern over the record of execution in Iran.

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Many international NGOs urged Iran to halt the hangings in the country. The United Nations called the execution in Iran “abominable.” Mahmood Amiry Moghaddam called Iran a “killing machine.” Human rights groups claimed that Iran escalated executions in recent weeks.



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