Iran threatens to expel UN monitors if US don’t’ lifts sanctions


Iran has publicly stated that it will expel UN nuclear monitoring inspectors if US sanctions are not lifted by February 21. This comes just a week before the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, and lowers the prospect of a new US president launching new efforts to restore the Iran nuclear deal that Biden said could resume if Iran come up with a calm political environment.

The United States has imposed a series of sanctions on Iran over its economy, trade, weapons and political officials. In 2018, Trump withdrew from a nuclear deal with Iran and major powers, and campaigned for renewed international sanctions on Iran as it ended at the end of last year. Trump has made several attempts to directly attack the Iranian regime but failed and finally assassinated General Qasem Suliamani, a key figure in Iranian politics.

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Iran has threatened to expel a UN nuclear watchdog if Washington fails to lift sanctions before February 21. The announcement was made by the Iranian leadership after the Iranian parliament passed a law last year, requiring the government to suspend international monitoring of nuclear sites. At the time, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was arguing that Iran had increased its uranium enrichment rate, which was higher than the annual target for the 2015 nuclear deal.

Iran’s regime has repeatedly raised the amount of uranium enrichment that went against the 2015 Joint Performance Agreement (JCPOA). In 2019, in response to US President Donald Trump’s withdrawal in 2018, began an expansion of its nuclear program and again the United States imposed sanctions. Last week Iran admitted to a 20 percent increase in uranium enrichment in defiance of the agreement.Supreme Leader Khamenei said the United States should immediately lift sanctions, after which Iran could agree to resume the nuclear deal with Iran.



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