Iranian Regime executed second Wrestler Mehdi Ali Hosseini


According to the Jerusalem Post, the Iranian regime has again executed and other wrestler Mehdi Ali Hosseini. The player’s execution comes months after Tehran publicly hanged Navid Afkari in September, with his death widely criticized. He has been excuted by false accusations and the world express fearful Iran’s hostile attitude against Iranians who oppose the government’s harsh policies.

Human rights organizations, the EU, the United States and athletes’ rights activists have condemned the brutal killing of players by the Iranian regime. Mr. Ellie Cohanim, the deputy special envoy for the U.S. State Department, said Iran should be held accountable for its heinous human rights abuses and its attempts to hold on to power by killing anyone who opposes the regime’s hardline ideology. Mehdi Ali Hosseini ‘, from Andimeshk in Khuzestan province, was arrested in 2015. He was charged with murder and forced to confess to a crime he did not commit, according to media reports.

Iran Regime charged death sentence to a wrestler champion Navid Afkari title, and He is accused of killing a security guardduring the protests against the government in the year 2018. Afkari after arrest was sentenced to death, and the world interpreted it as hostile to Afkari and the general rights of wrestlers.Mariam Memarsadeghi, an Iranian-American human rights expert, told reporters that Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and his associates want to repress anyone who opposes their harsh policies. She said the Iranian people needed to resist the dictator who is trampling on their rights.

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As the world reacted angrily to Iran’s brutal killing of its people, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo imposed special sanctions on Judge Seyyed Mahmoud Sadati, Chapter 1 of the Shiraz Revolutionary Court and the Adelabad Prison, who played a key role in the extrajudicial killing of Afkari. Amnesty International says Iran is suffering from a systematic violation of human rights and that justice is needed.

Mansoureh Mills, an Iranian researcher for Amnesty International, said they had no information about his case but only knew he had been sentenced to death. However, there are indications of abuses in Iran by ideologically opposed people. Amnesty International says it has documented systematic violations of the rights of defendants in Iran. The people of Iran are carried out executions without a fair trial according Mansoureh Mills.



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