Pompeo cancels Europe Trip in the zero hours as EU leaders decline to meet him


Top EU authorities are declining to meet with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, as per Reuters, prompting the cancelation of his scheduled diplomatic trip in what gives off an impression of being the most recent and among the most significant kickbacks to the Trump Administration after the attack on the U.S. Capitol Hill in Washington DC, Wednesday.

The sudden cancellation of the top U.S. representative, first reported by Reuters, came days after the raging of the U.S. Capitol building by Trump supporters, an assault on the US democracy that shocked numerous nations and America’s allies.Pompeo had sought to meet Jean Asselborn in Luxembourg, a small yet affluent NATO partner, before meeting the EU pioneers and the alliance’s top envoy in Brussels, three individuals close to the scheduled meeting informed Reuters.However, the underlying arrangement to go to Luxembourg, which was not officially reported, was rejected after authorities there indicated hesitance to allow an appointment, a diplomatic source stated to Reuters.

However, the itinerary schedule of Pompeo’s last visit to Brussels brought up issues about the benefit of the trip. His timetable did not mention any meeting with the EU authorities or any events at NATO. A third political source said partners were “humiliated” by Pompeo after the viciousness in Washington last Wednesday that left five dead, Reuters reported.As per analysts, after Trump encouraged his supporters at an assembly prior that day to march at the houses of the Senate and the House of Representatives while legislators where they were going to announce Democratic President-elect Joe Biden’s triumph. The Republican president claims, without proof, that the US elections were fraud and was stolen from him.

Fox News and Reuters both cited political sources as saying it was Luxembourg that had canceled the meeting, a staggering reprimand from a minuscule nation for a senior US official that persistently claims to have reestablished “strut” to the state office. Pompeo was scheduled to meet the Belgian deputy leader and foreign minister, Sophie Wilmes, who tweeted while the attack in Washington was happening, “These pictures are stunning, additionally because they hurt our democratic beliefs.”According to Reuters, EU authorities had declined to meet Pompeo on his last trip, however, an EU representative denied that there had been a proposal to meet the EU leaders.



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