Is South Korea-America Joint Military Exercise Instigation Action From North Korea?

South Korea

South korea South koreaAs things heat up with North Korea, South Korea is preparing for imminent war. For this, it has decided to enter a joint military exercise with the United States. This is being ascertained as the biggest joint military drill in decades between both the countries.

Termed as the Ulchi Freedom Shield exercise, this was started days after Pyongyang conducted cruise missile tests. This is also coming with the background that South Korea had offered humanitarian aid to North Korea if the latter would agree to demilitarization. But Pyongyang was left infuriated and shot over the South Korean suggestion.

The exercises which are meant to start from September 01, are considered to be one of a kind. The land, sea and air military exercises are meant to also ‘normalise’ the bilateral drills in a bid to strengthen commitment between the countries against the North’s nuclear threat.

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, has shared that Ulchi Freedom Shield and Ulchi civil defence drills were integrated and that, “by turning into training based on precisely scenarioising of the actual situations, we have integrated Ulchi [civil defence drills] with the military exercise Freedom Shield.”

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Together, these aim to enhance the country’s readiness for the evolving patterns of warfare, including cyber crime threats to vital facilities, he said.

It is becoming imperative for neighbouring nations to prepare themselves for an offensive, from China on one side and North Korea on the other. The ones who don’t want to be caught in the crossfire includes Taiwan, Japan, Manila, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand to name a few.

North Korea fired two cruise missiles from its west coast last week, as part of an intensified testing programme. South Korean activists have criticised the Ulchi Freedom Shield drills — which North Korea views as intimidation — calling for the exercises to be immediately halted. One activist said the exercises are a “very reckless war rehearsal.”



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