Israeli Army Finds Underground ‘Weapons, Rocket Factory’ In Gaza

underground 'weapons, rocket factory' in gaza

The situation in Gaza has escalated significantly over the past few months. Recently, the IDF made a critical discovery in Gaza, uncovering evidence that Hamas, a militant group, has developed cruise missile capabilities with Iran’s assistance. 

This is worrisome because it marks a major advancement in Hamas’s weaponry, potentially making their attacks more dangerous.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) found this new missile technology during a raid in Gaza City’s neighborhoods of Daraj and Tuffah. They located an underground site used for manufacturing weapons. 

Images released by the IDF showed components of what they claim are parts of a cruise missile, including a rocket engine and a warhead. 

This is a significant shift from Hamas’s usual arsenal, which mainly consists of unguided rockets and some guided missiles and drones.

The situation in Gaza has been intense, with the death toll reported by Hamas-controlled health authorities reaching over 22,000, including civilians and combatants.

Israel, on the other hand, states that they have targeted and eliminated around 8,500 terrorists. The conflict has also tragically impacted journalists, with two Palestinian reporters killed in an Israeli airstrike.

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Amidst this, international efforts to de-escalate the situation are ongoing. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is actively involved, urging Israel to modify its military operations to prevent further escalation and to increase humanitarian aid. 

He has met with leaders in the region, including Jordan’s King Abdullah, and is scheduled to visit Israel and the West Bank.

The recent discoveries by the IDF have added a new dimension to the conflict. They have found multiple sites used by Hamas for manufacturing long-range rockets, emphasizing the importance of ground operations to destroy these weapon factories. The IDF is currently demolishing these sites to neutralize the threat.

Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel has maintained a firm stance, insisting that the military campaign will continue until all objectives are met, which includes the complete neutralization of Hamas as a threat to Israel.

This ongoing conflict, marked by these recent developments, poses a significant challenge to peace in the region and highlights the complexity of the situation in Gaza.



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