Morocco Enraged With Tunisian Interference Calls Back Ambassador


Morocco MoroccoMorocco has recalled their Ambassador to Tunisia after the Tunisian President Kais Saied received the head of a movement seeking independence for the Sahara region. Morocco isn’t happy the way the Tunisian government decided to invite Polisario leader Brahim Ghali. The Polisario leader was recently invited to a Japanese development summit for Africa in Tunis over the weekend. It was seen as “a serious and unprecedented act that deeply hurts the feelings of the Moroccan people and its forces.”

Morocco has never shared good relations with Tunisia. In response to Morocco’s action, Tunisia has also recalled its ambassador to Rabat for consultation. Tunisia’s foreign ministry said the country maintained ‘neutrality’ over the issue of Morocco’s Sahara region.

This makes more sense as Morocco has a tussle of geographic control with the Polisarios. Currently, Morocco controls 80 per cent of the region while the rest is held by the Polisario movement, which fought a 15-year war with Morocco after Spanish forces withdrew in 1975 and demanded a referendum on independence.

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Tunisia wishes to create a link with Morocco’s enemy while Morocco obviously is not going to tolerate the attack on their sovereignty. It now stands foreign ministry said the country would no longer take part in the Tokyo International Conference on African Development being hosted by Tunis.

It also accused Tunisia of having recently “multiplied negative positions” against Morocco and said its decision to host Mr Ghali “confirms its hostility in a blatant way.”

Tunisia’s foreign ministry said Mr Ghali was invited to attend the summit by the African Union, which recognises the Sahara region as a member although African states are split over both the Polisario and the territory’s independence. Mr Ghali had also received a direct invitation to the summit from the president of the African Commission, the ministry said.



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