Why Youth in Tunisia, Sudan And Jordon Are Desperate To Emigrate?

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Tunisia TunisiaIt has been reported that Tunisians, Sudanese and Jordanians are comfortable to emigrate due to economic reasons, according to the Arab Barometer. This has become significant for half of the population of these countries. This has been seen significantly with many young educated men. There was a poll was conducted over 23000 people across 10 Middle Eastern countries.

More than a third also say they consider emigrating from Lebanon (38 percent), Iraq (35 per cent), and Morocco (34 per cent). There were as many as 48 per cent of Jordanians surveyed who confirmed that they had considered moving abroad, of which 93 per cent of those cited the country’s economic situation as the main reason. This was a trend across the board, the pollsters said, with half of those surveyed saying they wanted to emigrate “because of the economic conditions”.

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Palestinians have expressed desperation to emigrate. These refers more to refugees living in dilapidated camps in Lebanon. Their state of living has been bad. The government has not been able to take care of their basic needs. They are therefore seeking a better standard of living abroad amid worsening economic conditions and stifling unemployment. That number rose significantly between 2020-2022, said Abdelnaser Elayi, project manager at the inter-ministerial Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee.

In May, the International Organisation for Migration said up to 600 people attempting to leave Tunisia and Libya went missing at sea from January to March of this year alone.

The numbers reached their highest in 12 years, the IOM said. Several incidents of capsized boats, with dozens and sometimes up to a 100 people aboard, are reported almost weekly. Despite a higher cost of living in Egypt, however, 15 per cent fewer people said they wanted to immigrate than they did in 2018-2019.



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