Israel to sell UAVs, anti-drone systems to Bahrain


Israel IsraelAccording to a report on Tuesday, Israel has agreed to sell unmanned aircraft and anti-drone technology to Bahrain. Jerusalem is also expected to provide updates on efforts to forge a military alliance in the Middle East to fight Iran.

According to a senior Bahraini official quoted in the Wall Street Journal report, Manama has been cooperating with the Mossad and Shin Bet recently to educate its intelligence agents.

The same official told the Wall Street Journal that Israel has agreed to provide drones and anti-drone systems to the country. The report did not specify what types of drones or defence equipment will be included in the contract.

Attack drones have allegedly been employed by organisations supported by Iran to target Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and other nations, sometimes crashing them into oil refineries, airports, and other locations.

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As part of the US-sponsored Abraham Accords, which also established diplomatic connections between the Jewish state and the United Arab Emirates, Israel and Bahrain mendated their relations in 2020. Months later, the agreement helped pave the way for normal relations with Morocco.

The administration of US President Joe Biden is attempting to improve collaboration between Israel and Arab states, particularly Saudi Arabia, a major factor in the area, in order to finish the job started by his predecessor.

The Journal previously covered a US-organized defence summit in Egypt that was attended by senior representatives from Saudi Arabia, Israel, and other allied Arab countries. The gathering’s goal was to forge an alliance to resist Iranian threats.

On Wednesday, Biden is scheduled to travel to Israel before continuing on to Saudi Arabia.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz stated on Monday that Israel would update Biden on developments regarding the formation of a regional military alliance.

In response to the threat posed by Iranian drones and missiles, Gantz has spoken of US-led efforts to forge a regional air defence pact between Israel and its Arab partners in the region. According to reports, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar would be the members of such an alliance.

The agreement, known by Gantz as “MEAD” — Middle East Air Defense, aims to link air defence systems in order to counter Iran’s growing Middle East use of drones and missiles.

Gantz suggested last week that Biden’s impending trip to Israel, the West Bank, and Saudi Arabia—which is scheduled to start on Wednesday—may lead to a “breakthrough” in the negotiations.

During Biden’s visit, concrete advancements in the developing friendship between Israel and Saudi Arabia will be highlighted, a top Israeli official said late on Tuesday.

According to the official, Israel is conducting itself as though “the steps we are taking now will only be the beginning, the commencement of the road of normalisation between the countries.”

At a briefing to the press on Monday at the White House, Jake Sullivan, the US national security adviser, downplayed the likelihood of a breakthrough.



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