No funding for UN body set up to help Palestinians


Among the nations which are deprived of most of the basic necessities, Palestine easily enters the top-10. Palestine not only suffered from internal complications but also suffered economically. And now, one of the prime United Nations agencies supporting the citizens financially is scrapped for cash.

The head of the agency for the refugees in Palestine states that because of the lack of funds, the organization was unable to pay its 28,000 employees on time this month. On Tuesday, the head addressed the issue that the agency has been facing for a while now as he asserted that the crisis that they are witnessing will lead to major cuts in vital services especially given the ongoing pandmeic.

The company not only ensures necessities for people but it also looks after certain medical facilities which are extremely needed during the pandemic. The UNRWA runs schools, clinics and also food distribution camps for millions of unregistered refugees in Palestine.

Not just Palestine, but the organisation caters to people all over the middle east. The organization might be specific to the descendents of Palestine but it has been continuously involved in working with refugees throughout the region.

“If UNRWA health services are compromised in the middle of a global pandemic, COVID-19 vaccination rollout will come to an end. Maternal and child care will stop,” said UNRWA head Philippe Lazzarini .

He shared a date which revealed that nearly 5.7 million refugees are living in camps provided by the agency. These campuses are actually built-up but often impoverished residential areas in the West bank region, which is currently occupied by Israel. “I’m still not yet in a position to say when the November salaries will be paid,” he stated while talking to reporters.



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