Saudi Arabia’s Bold Leap into the AI Future

saudi arabias bold leap into the ai future

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a disruptive force poised to revolutionize economies, industries, and everyday life in the rapidly changing world of developing technology. Saudi Arabia has started a strategic journey to embrace the AI revolution and establish itself as a world leader in the industry after realizing the enormous potential of this technology. To support the Vision 2030 economic diversification strategy, the Kingdom is committed to preparing its workforce for the future.

Aiming to bring in $20 billion in investments from both domestic and foreign sources by 2030, Saudi Arabia released its National Strategy for Data and Artificial Intelligence in 2020. Creating a pool of 20,000 AI and data experts is a key component of this approach and will significantly advance the country’s technological prowess.

According to a recent report by the major consulting company PwC, investments in digitalization and emerging technologies are projected to boost Saudi Arabia’s GDP by almost 2.4 percent by 2030. With a projected 31.3 percent growth between 2018 and 2030, the Kingdom is expected to take a significant portion of the AI expansion market.

Saudi Arabia can compete internationally in a variety of technology fields, such as AI, robots, and blockchain, according to entrepreneur and AI specialist Ali Al-Moussa. According to him, the climate that Vision 2030 has produced encourages local business owners to develop, carry out research, and launch tech businesses.

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The incorporation of AI does, however, prompt questions about how it will affect employment. There are two main schools of thought: one sees AI as an addition to human abilities that will improve productivity and quality of life, while the other expresses worries about job displacement. 

Al-Moussa emphasized that AI is likely to handle monotonous, low-intellect chores, freeing humans to concentrate on challenging, creative projects. I 

Saudi Arabia launched the International Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research and Ethics in Riyadh, underscoring its commitment to ethical AI development, to help navigate the rapidly changing AI world. The promotion of Saudi projects in the field of AI is considered as requiring a combination of working with foreign partners, investing in local talent, and adhering to international norms. 

The Kingdom intends to achieve this goal by utilizing “homegrown technology” that is compatible with its objectives, language, and culture.Saudi Arabia wants to create an AI ecosystem that reflects its character and connects with its population by drawing on its distinct experiences and insights. Saudi Arabia is positioned to embrace the AI revolution and conceive of a wealthy, technologically advanced future through strategic investments and the promotion of innovation.



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