Students and Activists join Climate protests in Germany


Dry summers and extreme deforestation has been the root cause climate change in Germany. Some of the young people missed school to join the march demanding government’s attention towards climate change. Similar events took over as 200 protesters gathered in Parliament Square in London demanding government action over the climate crisis. The protest was organised by members of Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for Future movement, as part of a series of similar events across the world.

To participate in the demonstrators, many of the young people who had skipped school in order to take part, marched through Westminster calling for the actionable policy that can be implemented. Climate activists are planning an international protest with 472 protests planned in Germany alone. The climate has consistently been cited by voters as the top election issue.

Lisa Göldner, who is a climate and energy campaigner for Greenpeace Germany mentioned that they want to take a strong stance in favour of climate protection and motivate people that when they go to cast their vote that they also consider climate an important issue. It’s about sending a strong message to the future govt that we expect ambitious climate politics and it’s also about motivating people who are still uncertain who to vote for.

The Fridays for Future protest comes a little over a month ahead of the United Nations’ climate change conference in Glasgow. Activists are trying to put pressure on world leaders to agree to more drastic changes to limit warming.



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