National Security Law protest in Hong Kong
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Hong Kong has a new reality with “National Security Law” imposed by China on the anniversary day of handover

Wednesday morning marked a changed status for Hong Kong’s residents as China imposed the sweeping National Security Law starting midnight.

President of China, Xi Jinping
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Analysts fear geopolitical tensions would intensify if Trump’s tough talks on China continues

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and in front of the November presidential political elections, President Donald Trump….

United Nations international organization located in Geneva, Switzerland.
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US: WHO who? Washington break ties with WHO

On Friday during a press briefing at the White House, US President Donald Trump, declared that the country would disassociating itself from the World Health Organisation…..

Department of Homeland Security Seal
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U.S. – China Miff : U.S. Plans to Book China of Trying to Hack Vaccine Data

Amidst the U.S. allegations against China related to the Coronavirus spread, former is planning to accuse China by issuing a warning of latter trying to

Deal Cooperation partnership Saudi Arabia and China
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Saudi Arabia and China sign $265million deal to combat coronavirus pandemic

Saudi Arabia and China have signed a $ 265 million agreement under which Beijing will provide Riyadh with nine million tests to detect coronavirus, 500

covid-19 turkey
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Turkey becomes new covid-19 hotspot, delayed response endangers economy

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan seemed to have overlooked the impact of coronavirus on the country’s health and economy. When Mr. President should have pushed

BCG, Australia, Nigel Curtis, Covid-19,
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Why Africa And Russia Aren’t Hit By Coronavirus

Ever wondered why are there less cases of coronavirus spread in Russia and Africa? There is a certain advantage of these countries right now, mainly

Iran, human rights, China, Italy, Abbas Mousavi, Covid-19, coronavirus
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Satellite images reveal Iran’s massive graves built for coronavirus victims

Iran is the third worst hit nations with coronavirus outbreak after China and Italy. The Islamic Republic has so far reported about 10,075 confirmed coronavirus

On Wednesday, top oil exporter Saudi Arabia stated that it would launch a program to expand production limit
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Oil and Gas Supply Demand Severely Hit By Virus Outbreak

The outbreak of the Coronavirus is the only thing that is worrying the world’s oil demand and supply at the moment. According to media reports,

Foreign ministers from 14 European countries called on Wednesday for the Syrian government forces and their Russian supporters to end
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UNSC backs the resolution on extending Yemen sanctions

On Tuesday, The UN Security Council backed the resolution on extending the sanctions on Yemen following petulant discussions including on whether to refer the matter