Joe Biden is set to reverse multiple Trump’s orders on climate, travel ban, Iran


Joe Biden is all set to enter the White House on January 20 with blazing guns. President-elect Biden has plans to sign a good dozen of executive orders on his first day in office that would reverse orders by outgoing president Donald Trump, according to memo released from his incoming chief of staff Ron Klain. These decisions include rejoining of Paris Climate Accord and ending the travel ban to Muslim countries.

Additional orders would be signed for stopping evictions and payment of student loans during pandemic, along with issuing a ‘mask mandate’ on all federal premises.The highlight of Biden’s election campaign was his promise to overturn Trump’s controversial decisions, that also magnified the contrast between two opponents and reassured people in America and across the world that how real these problems were and that it meant a great deal to Joe Biden and his camp. These issues were climate change, immigration, foreign policy – the ones that are on list of priority executive orders to be signed by incoming President Joe Biden.

In the memo released, Klain writes, “During the campaign, President-elect Biden pledged to take immediate action to start addressing these crises and build back better. As president, he will keep those promises and sign dozens of executive orders, presidential memoranda, and directives to Cabinet agencies in fulfillment of the promises he made.”Past week, Biden already outlined his immigration bill and Covid stimulus relief package and sent it to the newly elected Democrats led Congress.

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On Friday, he also assured that delivery of Covid-19 vaccines would be “shaken up” and bring the nation out from chaos led by Trump.One of the most crucial steps that Biden intends to take are re-entering US to the Paris Climate Accords that Trump had withdrawn from; and also rejoining the Iran Nuclear deal, known as JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action). Incoming president, 78 year old Joe Biden will also overturn Trump’s decision of travel ban on some predominantly Muslim nations.

The memo, however, doesn’t mention anything about rejoining of World Health Organization (WHO). Subsequent orders are set to address “equity and support communities of color” along with working on criminal justice reform, healthcare access among other priorities, said Klain.As Trump leaves office in a humiliating feat of being the only US President to have been impeached twice, incoming President Joe Biden will commence his term in a strong position with both Congress houses being led by Democrats.



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