Third day of demonstrations in Libya, more violence and arrests of protesters


United States United StatesJoe Biden’s administration is basking in glory finally as the House has finally passed a historic infrastructure bill. The same house dominated by Republicans has been stalling the nominations for Middle Eastern diplomatic posts for the longest time.

It has taken a lot of persuasion and this time it was the President himself, seeking support for a vote for the Infrastructure Bill that would make lives of common American man better. The 1.2 trillion-dollar bipartisan bill has been passed but the Build Back Better Act (better known as the Reconciliation Bill) does not have the Senate’s vote and is likely to be downsized as well.
Undeniably, the infrastructure bill has taken many months of negotiations. The bill comprises various infrastructure projects including road construction and maintenance.

The bill received 228 votes to 206 againsre witnessing a systematic and dangerous repression of protests. A document leaked in the media of the Benghazi security agency reveals the order to monitor civil activists suspected of calling on young people to protest for their rights. General Khalifa Haftar also launched an unwarranted arrest campaign in the city of Sirte.

Those arrested are mainly supporters of the previous regime.On August 20 and 21, the green movement demonstrations took place regularly, but on tuesday residents denounce the arrest of several young people, including: Nasr Mohamed Belkacem Al-Zayani, Abdul Hadi Attia Al-Zayani, Gaddaf AddamEawaydat, Aseel Mohammed Zaid, Milad Salem Farhat, Ali Abdullah Saeed, Hamza Ali Al-Suwaidi, Hamza Badri Asbaa, Ali Gomaa Imran, Osama Hassan Al-Saadi, Majdi Hassan Al-Saadi.

Residents threatened General Khalifa Haftar to close the road connecting Sirte to southern Libya, also warning Imrajaa, the commander of the Tariq Bin Zayed Brigade, that his group is not welcome in Sirte. Some present reported a chase and a shooting inside the city, where a young man has been allegedly killed. According to the initiative of Prime Minister Fayez al-Serraj and President of Parliament Aguila Saleh, Sirte should be demilitarized and entrusted to a joint police force.

But today, we are assisting new clashes, and reinforcements arrive in the area.All this must immediately stop, thinking that one of the two sides can take power by force has already proved useless during a year of the siege of the capital Tripoli.



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