Turkey and the West further alienated, due to Rise of Current Tension

Turkey and the West further alienated, due to Rise of Current Tension

Since Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s takeover of Turkey, relations with the West have deteriorated. Turkey’s ambition was to become the first secular Muslim country to ally with the European Union. Diplomatic relations between some European countries and Turkey have soared in the past two weeks.

NATO has accused Turkey of smuggling weapons and mercenaries into a Nogorno Karabakh province, which is fighting alongside Azerbaijan forces. France has warned against encroaching on the coasts of Greece and Cyprus. The United Nations has condemned the deployment of weapons and troops to Libya. Donald Trump this week promised more sanctions, in response to Turkey’s regional violence and the testing of Russian-made fighter jets S-400.

All of this has further fueled diplomatic relations between the West and Turkey, and Turkish appears to be running out of time. There are also credible reports that the country’s economy has shrunk since the failed coup in 2016. The Turkish lira has depreciated and the country is facing a difficult economic situation.

Turkish’s desire to restore the Ottoman Empire and its military expansion into parts of Africa and the Middle East has led to tensions between the United States and Turkey. The conflict is also part of the Palestinian-Israeli issues which they are ideally differing.

The European Union is taking advantage of Turkish’s current economic and political defeat, and will have the opportunity to deny the long-awaited EU membership. However, European countries have called on Turkey to end its human rights abuses, media repression and to end the illegal detention of dissidents such as Turkish Kurdish leaders.

Turkey is a member of NATO, a member of the Council of Europe and has long been a candidate for membership of the European Union. At that time Turkish was receiving funding from the European countries, which makes it easier to support the refugee waves from Syria for education, housing, and feeding.  All of this now seems to be coming to an end and Turkey is moving further away from the West

Turkish, an ally of NATO, has violated alliance rules and regulations by sending arms to Libya and its military operations in the Mediterranean. This time Turkey and NATO allies appear to be drifting further apart. They also warned Turkey stopping testing its S-400 Russian made warplanes.



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