Turkey Refuses Federation System In Cyprus


Turkey is not interested in taking in the suggestion of separate states and would rather go ahead with a federation system for Cyprus. This is going to derail all the international efforts to end a turmoil that has been stretching over a decade.

The federation system was something that was suggested by the United Nations and the European Union together, as a perfect way of establishing peace. Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkey had invaded them. Off late, it has been under radar due to oil discovery.

It is divided between the Republic of Cyprus, an EU member that controls the southern two thirds, and the northern third occupied by Turkey since 1974. If unified, Erdogan’s control over exclusive exploration at sea stands no chance.While Cyprus has been wishing to expand its bilateral relations with its neighbours, Turkey has not supported this decision. The Turkish Crypriots are completely in favour of Turkey and walk the tune of Ankara.

While Turkey wants to maintain good relations with the European Union and United Nations, it cannot do so, unless it can convince Greek Cypriots and the international community of the validity of its argument and whether it is compatible with the UN framework.

However, Ankara continues to keep a tight eye on the workings in Cyprus. It didn’t let their bilateral discussions in Saudi Arabia over video link go smoothly either. Also, while the UK is intervening to makes things work, Turkey and Greece are continuing to ensure Cyprus does not get united.



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