Anonymous hacked into Russian streaming services and TV channels


Russia RusssiaWhile Russian forces are fighting against Ukrainian forces in Ukraine, several Russian streaming services and Television channels were hacked on Sunday by hacker group Anonymous. The hackers disrupted Russia’s digital infrastructure by launching cyberattacks against Russia 24, Channel One, Moscow 24, Wink and Ivi.

The hacker group took to Twitter to share video footage of the Russian-Ukraine war. The group shared footage and images of the bombing in Ukraine following Russia’s attack on the neighbouring country. The group hacked streaming services Wink and Ivi, which is like Netflix. The group also hacked live TV channels including Russia 24, Channel One, Moscow 24 to broadcast war footage from Ukraine. The group reportedly stands with Ukraine against Russia’s powerful forces. It claimed responsibility for cyberattacks on Russia’s channel.

Anonymous launches cyberattacks against Russia

Reportedly, Anonymous has launched several cyberattacks against Russia after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a military operation against Ukraine. Anonymous shut down the Kremlin’s official website, state news agency Tass, and the Kommersant daily newspaper, among others. According to The Economic Times, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine led to hacking groups increasing their activities across the world. Anonymous declared itself aligned with “Western allies” to target Russia’s operation against Ukraine.

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According to Anonymous’ Twitter account, all Russian-state TV channels have been hacked. The group also hacked Russian airwaves to play audio of the Ukrainian national anthem. Reportedly, the group wanted to show Russian citizens the true devastation of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. It showed the aftermath of missile attacks that killed many innocent civilians in Ukraine. The hacker group reported that this is the biggest Anonymous operation ever.

Reportedly, social media has been restricted in many parts of Russia because of the Russia-Ukraine war. Social media users in Moscow and Saint Petersburg are prevented from seeing images and videos of the military operation in Ukraine.



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