International courts to set up investigation for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine


Russia RussiaThe Ukraine-Russia crisis has left the whole world in shock and kept them seeking answers for a lot of things. From the start of this week, Ukraine has a set floor at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

The United Nations court has been set to investigate the whole matter from the start of the event to the possibilities where things could have been shaped. The court will also be making attempts to settle the disputes that have been brewing between the two nations for a long time and settle the war situation.

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Ukraine had earlier urged for the UN injunction against Russia under its Convention against Genocide. Ukraine’s basic aim behind this move is to ask the UN to certify Russian attack as genocide and not something that was between the two countries. It also urged the United Nation council to reject Moscow’s claim that Ukraine was committing any kind of genocide agaisnt teh Russian minorities who are living in the east part of the country. Coming days will see Kremlin’s lawyers to straight away reject the case saying that Russia denies the jurisdiction given by the court.

As per the statements recorded in media reports, Moscow has a strong argument against the claims where it was stress that there is no evidence of genocide and there is not truth to it and hence there is no case in the matter. Russia also reinforced that there is no jurisdiction as such for it. For any case under the international Court of Justice it is important for both the plaintiff and the defendant to recognise the jurisdiction of the court. This essentially means that both Russia and Ukraine must recognise the jurisdiction.



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