Iraq’s election commission receives scores of appeals contesting country’s election results

Turkey flag in Bosphorus and Sultanahmed Camii

Several media outlets pro-Muslim Brotherhood, linked to Qatar, announced that Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan will meet shortly the King Mohammed VI of Morocco. The forthcoming summit will discuss bilateral ties between Rabat and Ankara and the important role of the Kingdom important” in the Islamic world, the African continent, and the Mediterranean region, for the neo-colonial project of Erdogan in the region.

A delegation of Turkish officials visited Morocco last week probably to prepare for Erdogan’s mission. The bilateral talks the two leaders will focus on the situation in Libya in light of recent developments. Libya is a direct threat to Moroccan security and stability and Erdogan is the main sponsor of the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) led by Prime Minister Fayez al-Serraj.From December 2019 until today, Erdogan transferred to Libya thousands of Syrian mercenaries, including jihadists, which also pose a threat to neighboring countries. It’s clear that the Al-Wefaq Government’s decision in the 2018 elections. Fatah Alliance leader, Hadi Al Amiri, as well as Al Maliki and many Shiite parties have dismissed the results. They have demanded manual recounting of all, citing possessing evidence of manipulation.

Mr. Muhsin noted that it is highly unlikely that ballots would be recounted. He said, “Today, IHEC has finished its work and the decision to recount the votes is not in its hands. But the Judicial Commission has the right to decide whether to recount votes in specific ballot boxes or polling centres only if it is convinced by the appeals.” He continued, “The decision to recount the votes for all Iraq is only in the hands of the High Federal Court. We think this is not possible since till now there is no clear evidence of manipulation in all the country.”



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