Syrian Refugees To Come Back To Homeland After Decades From Lebanon

syrian refugees in lebanon

Lebanon LebanonForcible repatriation of Syrian refugees will not be tolerated anymore, human rights groups have said, resulting in a turnaround from the Syrian government. The government is now happily accepting back its own, asking them to come back from Lebanon.

Lebanon has been reeling under severe economic pressure, finding it difficult to continue to support a huge surge of Syrian refugees. Some of them have been staying in parts of Lebanon for decades, under conditions of severe poverty.

Speaking to Syrian Minister of Local Administration Hussein Makhlouf, the media said, “The doors are open for the return of Syrian refugees.” He was speaking during a meeting with Lebanon’s caretaker minister of the displaced in Damascus, who expressed his concerns over the pressure mounting on the Lebanese crippled economy.

Mr. Makhlouf said the Syrian government was ready to provide accommodation for those whose homes were destroyed during a war that killed hundreds of thousands and displaced half of the pre-war population of 23 million. With this, there is hope that Lebanon would be able to send back 15000 Syrian refugees every month.

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But the United Nation continues to remain against forced repatriation. Many Middle Eastern nations are bursting on the seams with Syrian refugees finding temporary homes here. Out of humanitarian concerns and in tune with the Geneva convention, such individuals cannot be turned away if they seek help at the borders of any neighbouring country.

More than 5 million Syrians are refugees, most of them in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. Few Syrian refugees have returned home since President Bashar Assad’s forces, backed by Russia and Iran, regained control of much of the country.

Over the past year, hundreds of Lebanese, Syrians, and Palestinians have migrated from Lebanon by boats to Europe in the hope of a better life.



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