Jordanian Senate President and Algerian Ambassador Foster Parliamentary and Economic Cooperation


Jordanian Senate President Faisal Fayez recently met with Algerian Ambassador to Jordan Abdulkarim Behha in a vital step towards enhancing bilateral relations. The Sunday discussion aimed to examine potential areas of parliamentary and economic collaboration between the two countries. Fayez and Behha underlined their dedication to strengthening the current partnership and fostering benefits for their respective nations and peoples. This article summarises the discussions and emphasises the value of Jordanian-Algerian ties in promoting cross-border trade and investment.

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Enhancing Jordanian-Algerian Relations

During the discussion, Senate President Fayez emphasised the importance of Jordanian-Algerian relations and the necessity of removing barriers impeding bilateral commerce and investment. Fayez emphasised the significance of strengthening parliamentary cooperation, which serves as a foundation for establishing more significant ties between the two countries, in light of the possibilities for collaboration. Both nations may share knowledge and experience by improving legislative interactions, resulting in better governance and parliamentary procedures.

Ambassador Behha expressed delight in the developed state of Algerian-Jordanian relations in response to Fayez’s views. He reaffirmed the Senate President’s appeal for closer connections, highlighting the potential gains for both nations and their peoples. Behha emphasised the wide range of potential for collaboration in several fields, including the economy, trade, investment, and cultural interaction. Jordan and Algeria may cooperate to realise their economic potential and create a prosperous environment by using these chances.

Promoting Bilateral Investment and Trade

Reducing obstacles to bilateral commerce and investment was one of the meeting’s primary goals. Fayez and Behha emphasised the significance of fostering an atmosphere that promotes and enables business relationships between Jordanian and Algerian firms. The two countries may open up new opportunities for economic growth and increase their trade volume by streamlining rules, streamlining trade procedures, and improving information exchange.

The necessity of sector-specific collaborations to unlock the potential of important sectors was also emphasised during the discussions. Jordan and Algeria can create strategic alliances that result in win-win outcomes by identifying sectors of shared interest, such as energy, infrastructure, agriculture, tourism, and technology. The two nations can increase their competitiveness and support long-term economic growth through joint ventures, information exchange, and technology transfer.

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The meeting between Algerian Ambassador to Jordan Abdulkarim Behha and Jordanian Senate President Faisal Fayez is crucial to enhancing the bilateral ties between the two countries. The discussions emphasised the significance of improving parliamentary and economic cooperation, focusing on reducing obstacles to bilateral trade and investment. Jordan and Algeria can open up new avenues for economic expansion, promote cross-cultural interaction, and ultimately enhance the quality of life for their citizens by strengthening their bilateral relations and using their individual capabilities. The stage is set for a stronger, more prosperous Jordanian-Algerian friendship in the years to come as both nations advance with their shared vision of cooperation and mutual gain.




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