Lebanon denounces Israel to the UN for airstrikes on Syria


Even the head of the Unifil mission, the Italian Stefano Del Col, denounces via Twitter that “the overflight of Lebanese territory by Israeli military aircraft violates resolution 1701 (which resulted in the cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah after the war in July 2006, ed.) of the United Nations and Lebanese sovereignty. I appeal to the Israeli army to cease these actions that threaten Unifil’s efforts to contain tensions and build trust among local populations “.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH) confirmed Israeli missiles struck Hezbollah’s weapons depots and military position last night in the border between Homs and Rif Dimashq in the southwest of the country. On the Israeli side, an Israeli army spokesman interviewed by the AFP said he “does not comment on foreign media information.”

The Lebanese political world protested, although there is no government in office in Beirut, and the ministers are the outgoing ones who hold their office ad interim. Outgoing Prime Minister Hassan Diab denounced a “violation of Lebanese sovereignty,” stating that “the trajectory of the planes (civilians, ed.) Had to divert Thursday evening following the Israeli attacks from Lebanese airspace”. Diab demanded, “the United Nations and the international community to condemn Israel and take measures to safeguard the sovereignty of Lebanon and the protection of resolution 1701”.

The outgoing Lebanese Foreign and Defense Minister, Zeina Acar, filed a complaint with the UN through the permanent delegate of Lebanon to the United Nations, Amal Moudallali. They denounced the Israeli Air Force “launched missiles from Lebanese airspace, blatantly, aimed at low-flying Syria targets, causing panic among citizens and posing a direct and dangerous threat to civil aviation. That constitutes a clear violation of international commitments, in particular, resolution 1701”.

In July, Orient Le Jour recalls that the debris of Israeli missiles shot down by the Syrian air defense over the central province of Homs fell in Lebanon on the villages of Lehfed, in the district of Jbeil, and on that of Majdal, in Koura, without cause casualties. Since the beginning of the Syrian war in 2011, Israel has carried out regular raids into Syria, mainly targeting Iranian and Hezbollah forces and Syrian government troops. Lebanon has already submitted several complaints against Israel to the UN following these violations.



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