Lebanon Election: Ruling Parties Announced Candidates For The Upcoming Elections


Lebanon LebanonParliamentary elections will soon take place in Lebanon. The political parties have been rushing to submit their candidacies for the election to the Ministry of Interior. The deadline for the registration of the candidates is March 15. Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri already submitted his candidacy application for another four-year parliamentary session. Reportedly, each candidate must meet the criteria to run in the upcoming elections.

According to Arab News, the number of registered candidates jumped to nearly 100 on Wednesday evening. More candidates may register soon. The election is scheduled for 15 May 2022. The voters will cast their votes for 128 MPs. On May 6 and 8, Lebanese voters living in other countries will cast their votes. Nearly 3,970,000 voters will take part in the upcoming elections.

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Reportedly, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah also registered its candidates on Wednesday. The Amal Movement will announce the names of its candidates in the upcoming days. Secretary-General of the Arab Socialist Baath Party, Ali Hijazi, submitted his candidacy application to run in the Baalbek-Hermel district. The United States and European countries have regarded the elections as an important step for the country. The US ambassador to Lebanon also issued a warning to hold elections on time. The European Union (EU) also said that an election observation mission will be sent to Lebanon at the end of next month.

The politicians have said that the elections will take place on time on May 15 amid the country’s worst economic meltdown. In February, the government of Lebanon approved the allocation of 360 billion Lebanese pounds ($18 million) to hold the parliamentary election on time. Reportedly, the political alliance is expected for the upcoming election as many opposition parties want to prevent the ruling parties from gaining the majority of the votes.



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