Saudi navy unveils new combat ship in Spain

Saudi Spain

Saudi arabia Saudi arabia– The newest member of the Royal Saudi Naval Forces’ fleet was formally introduced on Tuesday during a ceremony in San Fernando, Spain, in front of many senior government representatives from the two nations.

The HMS Al-Diriyah Avanti 2200 Corvette is the second ship to be launched in the last four months, following the HMS Jubail. Three more ships for the fleet will be produced under the Kingdom’s joint Sarawat manufacturing project.

The RSNF Commander, Fahd Al-Ghufaili, raised the Saudi flag aboard the HMS Al-Diriyah during the commissioning ceremony to signify the ship’s official admission into the navy’s service.

According to him, the Sarawat project would ensure that the navy was combat-ready, able to enhance maritime security for the nation, and able to safeguard its crucial strategic interests in the area.

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Al-Ghufaili claimed that the initiative was a crucial element of the Kingdom’s strategy to modernize the indigenous defense industry. He commended the government for promoting these programs.

The HMS Al-debut, Diriyah’s, according to Walid Abukhaled, CEO of Saudi Arabian Military Industries, was a further boost for the nation’s national defense system.

The first Saudi naval combat management system, known as HAZEM, will be installed on the five RSNF ships that are a part of the Sarawat project, according to him. This demonstrated the advancements made in creating such sophisticated systems locally and supporting local talent to accomplish this achievement.

According to Abukhaled, the agreement between the Kingdom and the Spanish company Navantia would guarantee the transfer of crucial technologies to strengthen the nation’s defense manufacturing industry.

Five Avanti 2200 Corvettes are being built for the RSNF as part of the Sarawat project, a joint venture between SAMI and Navantia. The localization of the defense industry to 50% by 2030 is a goal of the Kingdom.

The ships are equipped with cutting-edge fighting technologies to handle threats from the air, the surface, and the sea. The project comprises long-term logistical and technical assistance as well as crew training.



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