Japan and Saudi Arabia reaffirm their solid bilateral ties

Japan Saudi Arabia

Japan Japan-Bilateral discussions between the foreign ministers of Japan and Saudi Arabia, Yoshimasa Hayashi and Prince Faisal bin Farhan, furthered bilateral ties between the two countries on Tuesday in Tokyo. Hayashi thanked Saudi Arabia for its condolence messages following the death of the country’s former Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe.

According to Hayashi, Japan places a high value on its relations with Saudi Arabia. “I appreciate our nations’ collaboration, such as the phone contact between Prime Minister Kishida and His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman,” the speaker said.

Hayashi also expressed his gratitude to Saudi Arabia for providing a consistent supply of crude oil and made a request for continuing support in order to expand output and stabilize the global crude oil market.

Under the “Saudi-Japan Vision 2030,” the Japanese FM stated that he hopes to further expand collaboration in a number of areas, such as clean energy, including renewable energy, and other areas, such as climate change, infrastructure, tourism, and culture.

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Prince Farhan responded by saying that the strategic alliance between Japan and Saudi Arabia is strong and that he would like to keep collaborating closely with them, including in efforts to help stabilize the global crude oil market.

The Kishida administration supports Saudi Arabia’s attempts to implement economic and social reforms, according to the Japanese foreign minister. He continued, “I expect that the bilateral connections will be reinforced even more.” Abe was remembered by Prince Farhan as a great friend of Saudi Arabia and a leader who cared deeply for his country.

According to the Saudi foreign minister, cooperation in a variety of areas will help the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia further solidify its ties with Japan. In light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the two ministers spoke about the necessity of cooperation among nations and the enhancement of the UN’s overall operations, particularly the UN Security Council reform.

Additionally, they discussed how to deal with North Korea’s nuclear and missile issues as well as the kidnapping problem, and they agreed to keep cooperating. Both parties also discussed the Middle East’s situation, notably those in Iran and Yemen.



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